Keep your spirits high


all is upon us, so it’s of the utmost importance to keep our spirits high. What better way to stay in the summer state of mind than by making yourself a drink that warms the body and nourishes the soul? We selected three mouth-watering concoctions that will do just that.

(Click on the cocktail name for the full recipe.)

  1. Gin & Tonic Orange & Cinnamon

This Gin & Tonic with a fruity boost is one of our signature serves. Sweet and sour, complemented by the savoury flavour of cinnamon, with the vanilla notes of Sir Edmond Gin as finishing touch. In all its effective simplicity, the Orange & Cinnamon is a true treat for your taste buds. This short video shows you how to make it yourself.

  1. The Rebel Mule

This funky version of the Moscow Mule is not for the faint-hearted. Just like the original, our Rebel Mule is served in a copper mug which takes on the cold temperature of the liquid. The 50 ml of Sir Edmond Gin and 25 ml of fresh lime juice are topped off with ginger beer and three drops of Angostura bitters. Make sure a lime wedge and mint sprig peak over the edge of the mug. Here’s the full recipe.

  1. Espresso Martini 2.0

This modern classic is usually made with vodka, but tastes even better with gin. The Espresso Martini, invented in the late eighties by British bartender Mr Dick Bradsell, is much more than a liquid wake-up call. It’s a statement cocktail. Fresh pressed espresso, frangelico, vanilla syrup and Sir Edmond Gin is all you need to get the party started. Oh, and don’t forget to garnish this excellent eyecatcher with three coffee beans. This video explains it all in less than 30 seconds.