A deep dive into ultimate relaxation


he world is full of breathtaking places that make you want to pause the ratrace and just be. Relax. A pool helps. So does a bar. Therefore we present: six stunning pool bars that you should definitely pay a visit, when you get the chance.

W Hotel | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

It’s hard to find a rooftop pool with a better city view than that of the W Hotel in Amsterdam. Imagine doing your morning laps right behind the Royal Palace, with the bustling city awakening down below. The 6th floor pool is right next to the W Lounge, a cocktail bar that stimulates not just the eyes, but also the ears, nose and taste buds. Sir Edmond Gin is served here, so we know…

Hotel Monte Mulini | Rovinj, Croatia

The Istrian coast of Croatia is home to a beautiful boutique hotel: Monte Mulini. All its rooms offer an unreal view over the picturesque cove below. The comfortably shaded swim-up bar couldn’t be any more tempting. Imagine enjoying a Gin & Tonic here before descending towards the waterfront for a refreshing dive in clear-blue sea water.

InterContinental Tahiti Resort & Spa | Tahiti, French Polynesia

Halfway between Australia and South America lies a group of 188 islands known as French Polynesia. The largest of these, Tahiti, was formed from volcanic activity and combines unreal natural beauty with hotel accomodations that make you want to stay forever. The most stunning (and sand-bottomed) infinity pool, including swim-up bar, is found at the InterContinental. Here you can enjoy your tropical cocktail or funky fresh smoothie while overlooking the grand Pacific Ocean. What more could a traveller wish for?

Bernie’s Beachclub | Zandvoort, The Netherlands

‘Don’t drink & dive’ is the wise advice on the bottom of one of the two pools of Bernie’s Beachclub. It’s characteristic for the laid-back vibe that makes this place stand out from the rest. Bernie’s offers all-day relaxation, from breakfast until dinner – and way after. Does a gentle breeze through your sun-streaked hair, white sand on your feet and salty lips sound good? Add a Sir Edmond serve to the mix and you’ll never want to leave.

Viceroy Bali | Ubud, Indonesia

The Viceroy Bali will relax even the most stressed-out westerner in an instant. Located amongst steep ravines, this luxury resort has private pools for every villa. Yet nothing beats the infinity pool overlooking the rice paddy fields of the Penatu Valley. These panoramic views will make your busy life back home feel like a distant memory. The full swim-up bar doesn’t just do drinks, but also includes food service. If this isn’t heaven on earth, then what is?

Kivotos Club Hotel | Mykonos, Greece

Since the sixties and seventies, Mykonos has become one of the most cosmopolitan holiday destinations of the Mediterranean. No wonder: its bays are picture-perfect, its white houses alluring like a fata morgana. The white-curtain swim-up bar at the Kivotos Club Hotel has a dream-like quality to it, especially at dawn, when the blistering sun disappears behind the multi-coloured horizon.