Some notes from bartenders on how to keep it fun, classy, and exciting during your next night out


artenders make our world go round; we wouldn’t be where we are without them! Who else would come up with the perfect pour or the most original ingredients to match our beloved Sir Edmond Gin? They work hard and (literally) pour their creativity for a living. As cocktail lovers, here’s a list of 6 ways you can help keep them happy while they prepare your favourite drinks!

1. Be open to surprises

Bartenders love to play around with ingredients, and cocktails are an experimental craft! Provided it isn’t too busy at the bar, they can go off-script and bring you something unexpected.

2. Show up ready

Walk up to the bar with your order in mind, this allows your drinks to be prepared quickly and seamlessly, and it minimizes mistakes (no one likes wasting alcohol!)

3. Eye contact is key

While their hands are busy, bartenders will watch for the next customer. Keep an eye out so you can get their attention  – it’s like a secret language

4. If you’re happy, let them know it

Show appreciation for the bartender’s crafting your drinks and the service that comes with it. Let them know the next time you go up to the bar, and leave a tip when you can – it goes a long way.

5. Ask questions

Bartenders love what they do, and they’re knowledgeable about their ingredients. This means if it’s not too busy, you could ask them a few questions about liquor choices and flavours. Not sure about an ingredient or want to try something new? Ask away!

6. Last but not least: be respectful, patient, and kind

The bar is the bartender’s workspace – need a straw? Some water? A spare napkin? Feel free to ask!

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