Shining a spotlight on motherhood in all its forms


id you know that flamingo mothers can locate their chicks amongst hundreds within the colony and will only feed their own? Now that’s an extraordinary level of attention! Mother’s Day is the occasion to celebrate and nurture those who keep us safe, especially Mother Earth. Here at Sir Edmond Gin, we love to celebrate the power of motherhood in all its shapes and forms. To all the mother figures out there: we salute you!

This day is a special reminder to share love and respect with mother figures and their symbolic roles in our lives. Whether through gifts, thoughts, or quality time, we can all take this holiday to celebrate what they mean to us.

Why not giving her a Sir Edmond Gin Gift Box Large, complete with everything you’ll need for a celebratory G&T:

  • 0.7L bottle of Sir Edmond Gin, with its golden glow and smooth flavours, will be the base for your drink
  • 2x Copa glasses, lovely globe-shaped glasses to hold your creation
  • Pourer, for the perfect shot of Sir Edmond Gin
  • Jigger, you’ll need this to dose the gin in your cocktail
  • 2x Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic, the essential mixer for a G&T
  • Tray with garnish (orange and cinnamon) to add a little aromatic twist to a classic G&T
  • A recipe booklet filled with inspirational ideas sure to keep you entertained, full of recipes for all occasions
  • Video card with our brand movie so you can become familiar with the Sir Edmond Gin journey

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We also have the Sir Edmond Gin Gift Box Small, containing a 0.7L bottle of Sir Edmond Gin and 2x Copa glasses.