Let’s enjoy the hell out of it, shall we?


he ‘roaring twenties’ have started off slow, to say the least. But does that mean we have to sit and sulk? Quite the opposite. With the summer in sight, let’s enjoy every minute of love, friendship and fun we can get our hands on.

Dozens of countries around the world have an official date to kick off the post-winter season. It’s called ‘daylight saving time’, although some prefer the sunnier ‘summer time’. The clock is set forward by one hour, so that darkness falls later. This year, this happens on the 28th of March in Europe. In the United States and Canada the summer time has already started on the 14th of March. What better moment to get your creative juices flowing?

Once bars and restaurants will slowly start opening for business again, which they most certainly will, you shall have plenty of opportunities to rekindle old friendships and start new ones. Envision yourself lounging in front of a seaside lunch room, with the warm sun on your face, or entering a cafe filled with animated chatter, surrounded by a lively group of longtime friends.

Sounds like a daydream, doesn’t it? Well, soon it will be reality. A roaring summer is upon us. As temperatures will rise, shorts and skirts will make a comeback. The streets will be flooded with excitement and renewed energy. Settling down on a terrace to enjoy a well-deserved Gin & Tonic should be at the top of your to-do list. Why? Because you deserve it.

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