Introduce your date to the Flamingo Club


ebruary is full of promise. Spring gently announces itself, new life develops and love is in the air, waiting to be celebrated. Whatever your plans for Valentine’s Day may be, we’ve got the perfect potion to surprise and impress your date.

No life without love. Our ability to love each another is a miracle and we have to treat it as such. We shouldn’t need an excuse like Valentine’s Day, but it’s as good an opportunity as any to show your admiration for your favourite human being in the world. Go the extra mile, run an entire marathon if you feel like it.

We’ve got your back with a very fruity Valentine’s cocktail that will for sure get your evening off to a good start. Imagine your living room, lit by the soft yellow light of candles. There’s music playing, maybe that one special song you both can’t get enough of. You excuse yourself and disappear into the kitchen, where two martini glasses and a shaker are ready for action. A few minutes later you emerge to present the fruits of your labour. The first sip seals the deal: this is going to be an evening to remember.

Sounds cheesy? Maybe it is, but hey, you’re allowed to some showing off every now and then. The Flamingo Club — because that’s what this red beauty is called — is made in seven simple steps:

  1. Cool two Martini glasses
  2. Pour 100 ml of Sir Edmond Gin into a shaker
  3. Add 40 ml of fresh lemon juice
  4. Add 30 ml of simple syrup or raspberry syrup
  5. To smoothen your drink, add 30 ml of eggwhite (or aquafaba if you are vegan)
  6. Dry shake, add ice, shake again
  7. Double strain into the cool Martini glasses and garnish with a strawberry on the edge of the glass (this is a twist on the original recipe)

Get your bottle of Sir Edmond Gin here.