Discover our festive Spotify playlists


an you imagine how boring life would be without your favourite songs? And then there’s the hidden gems you stumble upon by accident, say in a carefully curated collection on Spotify… To brighten up the December festivities, we have created brand new playlists and updated already existing ones.

As the new year approaches, we end the current one in style with a lot of music. Traditionally, friends and families get together in the month of December to celebrate what has been and to rejoice in what is yet to come. Those happy moments deserve a fitting soundtrack, which we are happy to provide.

To make sure your Christmas celebrations are appropriately decorated, musically speaking, we updated our existing playlists. Carefully curated to guarantee just the right amount of rebeliousness. All you have to do to spice up your family dinner on Christmas eve, or a Christmas brunch with friends, is press play.

That’s not all, though. Since December is the time for giving, we created three playlists filled with heartwarming songs for the cozy nights. Sunset Sounds captures that magical moment when the day transitions into night, Tropical Tunes evokes images of sun-drenched beaches and Date Night is your perfect wingman when you are celebrating Christmas with your loved one.

The whole Sir Edmond team wishes you a very merry Christmas and an outrageously happy new year!

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