Colour of the unconventional


range is a lot more than the national colour of the Netherlands and its royal family. Orange represents warmth, fire and energy. And it’s associated with amusement and the unconventional — no wonder we at Sir Edmond Gin feel such a strong connection with it.

Imagine your birthday is a nation-wide affair. Everyone is out in the streets (preferably in an orange outfit), enjoying each other’s company and listening to live music. On every corner, toasts are being made in your honour. Imagine this and you more or less know what Willem-Alexander feels like on Kingsday. In non-corona circumstances, the Netherlands collectively loses its mind on the day the Dutch king was born, 27 April. 

This year, things will be different, though. Less exuberant. But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate all things orange! At Sir Edmond Gin, we know a thing or two about the joy it can bring. The colour orange was named after the appearance of the ripe orange fruit, a beloved garnish for extraordinary serves. Take our Orange & Cinnamon, a Gin & Tonic that gets its fruity boost from a slice of orange. Or the Orange & Coffee, with its orange peel floating between coffee beans.

Since Kingsday 2021 is likely to be an indoors event, spent in the comfort of your own home, may we suggest an appropriately coloured cocktail that offers just the right amount of rebellion? All you need to make your own Pornstar Martini at home is Sir Edmond Gin, passion fruit liqueur and purée, some vanilla sugar and a passion fruit. And don’t forget the sidecar of dry Champagne, intended to alternate with the cocktail as a palate cleanser. After all, what a king’s birthday party without Champagne?

Get your bottle of Sir Edmond Gin here and enjoy!