Score in the blind tasting competitions

At The Gin Masters 2020, Sir Edmond Gin is awarded again, bringing the total to four Global Spirits Masters medals in just as many years. A testament to the continuing appeal of our rebellious spirit.

The first time Sir Edmond Gin entered the biggest and most prestigious blind-tasting competition in the world, in 2017, the judges were surprised by the “heavy vanilla nose, but complex juniper-forward palate”. Their amazement resulted in a Master medal, the highest possible award in the Super Premium category. Last year, the jury affirmed Sir Edmond Gin’s status in the spirits business with an additional gold medal.

This year’s blind-tasting competition was notably different from the previous editions, for obvious reasons. Almost 200 brands entered The Gin Masters 2020, which was assessed by David T. Smith, spirits writer and founder of the Craft Distilling Expo, and Melita Kiely, editor of The Spirits Business, over a three-day Skype tasting from their respective homes. Unbranded bottles ensured total anonymity.

Sir Edmond Gin competed in uncharted territory: the ‘Premium’ and ‘Flavoured Gin’ categories. By being awarded a silver medal in each category, Sir Edmond Gin is now the proud owner of four Global Spirits Business medals. “This goes to show that we’re able to distill and distribute a premium gin for years on end,” says co-owner Dominique Makatita. “It’s our mission to maintain our quality and consistency, while at the same time expanding our global footprint. The journey of Sir Edmond Gin has only just started.”