Flamingo’s are curious creatures. How I know? Because I am one. You can call me Sir Edmond.

Being a migratory bird from the island of Réunion, east of Madagascar, the winds have blown me to every corner of the world. You wouldn’t believe the distances I have traveled and the things I have seen. My appetite for new adventures is boundless. Some call it abnormal, I call it destiny. Where’s the fun in following the flock?

Wherever I go, the unusual and the rebellious attract me like a magnet. I’m always on the lookout for unusual tales of unusual characters and places. Because if you are willing to see it, our wondrous globe is full of them. The characters that don’t just think outside the box, but get rid of it. The bars that create their own universe by defying conventions. The birds that don’t sit at the table, but dance on it – like me.

From now on, I will take you on a trip and tell you their stories in The Flamingo Journal. Are you ready to fly?