Come fly with me... to Italy

We couldn’t have wished for a better and more promising start of the year. As of 1 January 2022, Meregalli Spirits, with their headquarters based in the historical city of Monza, will take care of the distribution rights for Italy.

2021 marked a special year for Sir Edmond Gin: thanks to partnerships with new spirits importers, our Bourbon vanilla-infused gin became available in almost every major country in Europe and has won the hearts of gin fans the world over. To get 2022 off to a great start, we are proud and thankful to announce our new Italian importer: Meregalli Spirits.

Meregalli was founded in 1969 by Giuseppe Meregalli. With over fifty years of experience, the family-owned company is a well-known and respected name in the industry and one of the biggest distributors of premium spirits in Italy. Meregalli Spirits is active throughout the country — from the north to the south and all of the islands. The company’s Monza office was built on the foundations of an old monastery, with the original cellars still intact, and includes the unique Vinarte museum where wine and art meet.

“We are proud that Sir Edmond Gin has chosen Meregalli Spirits for the Italian market,” says Sales Director Marco Vicentini. “We believe in young, structured companies with strong global growth. Since our first meeting in Berlin, we realised the enormous potential of this brand. For us, gin will remain a strategic product, in a still growing market. We aim to only have excellent international products with a unique story to tell. The quality of the product and of the people are always at the basis of our decision to add new products to our catalog.”

“Since the start of Sir Edmond Gin, one of our goals is to build strong partnerships with leading companies in their countries to maximise the potential of our brand,” says Sir Edmond Gin co-founder Dominique Makatita. “With this new collaboration with Meregalli Spirits, part of the respected Gruppo Meregalli, we have established a great partnership with one of the top spirits distributors in Italy. We are absolutely thrilled for this next chapter in our journey, especially because the group has a phenomenal track record. We firmly believe this is going to be an exciting and successful partnership.”

T-J van der Drift, co-owner of Sir Edmond Gin, is equally thrilled: “We’ve been fortunate enough to have a very strong year, and we’re very pleased to kickstart 2022 with another fantastic new partner. We are confident that the hard work we have put into our brand will be continued by the team of Meregalli Spirits, and I’m very much looking forward to a successful collaboration in Italy.”