The world’s first gin brand with swim shorts

To help the male half of humanity dive into new adventures in style, Sir Edmond teamed up with Amsterdam based swim shorts brand Mr.Bowmont. The result? A meticulously designed garment that will feel like a second skin and make the lady birds’ heads turn.

Tropical islands are my natural habitat. I just can’t think of a better place to spend time with lovers, friends, family, and – why not? – random strangers. As a long-legged creature of pleasure, nothing gives me more joy than observing beach and poolside fashion. So when Mr.Bowmont came along and proposed a partnership, I didn’t think twice.

Et voilà, now Sir Edmond is the world’s first gin brand with its own swim shorts. An off-white eyecatcher made of soft peach polyester, featuring two side pockets, one back pocket, signature embroidering, and a printed pattern of, you’ve guessed it, flamingo’s. Not too short, but certainly not too long. Because as Mr.Bowmont famously put it: “Swim shorts should be like a good speech. Long enough to cover the essentials, short enough to keep you interested.”

In honour of the launch, there’s a special combo available: the Sir Edmond x Mr.Bowmont swim shorts + a bottle of Sir Edmond Gin for €99. Get yours here!