Stay nameless at untitled restaurant and bar

Standing in front of 538 Kingsland Road in East London, the untitled restaurant and bar doesn’t look like much. Housed in a grey, one-storey building, it seems to make a point of being as unassuming as possible. But the first impression couldn’t be further from the truth.

For a gin lovin’ bird like myself, London has it all. I love to get lost in its streets, taking a left turn whenever I ought to go right, walking into alleyways that I know I should avoid. There are just so many places waiting to be discovered, so many little mysteries to unravel. Whenever I’m in the Big Smoke, I feel like Sherlock on the verge of solving yet another unsolvable crime.

On one of my recent exploring expeditions in East London, the district of Dalston to be exact, I stumbled upon an astonishing place. Simply named untitled bar and restaurant (yes, without uppercase), it offers a Japanese inspired food menu alongside a multitude of innovative drinks. Everything about this unusual hidden gem stimulates my senses in ways that only a few other spots can.

Renowned mixologist Tony Conigliaro is the man responsible for untitled’s mind blowing beverages. Equally intriguing is the minimalist interior that has an industrial, dungeon-like quality to it. If you want to be sure to have a spot, make a reservation. For those who’d rather take their chances and stay anonymous, untitled keeps walk in seats available. Because in the end, nothing is so liberating as being nameless.