Participate and win a Sir Edmond Gin package worth €150

Looking for a way to avoid the autumn blues? Look no further. With Halloween ahead, we challenge you to create the most unique and scary drink you can think of. The winner receives a bottle of Sir Edmond Gin, two branded Copa glasses, an awesome T-shirt and much, much more…

Halloween hasn’t always been the costumed trick-or-treating extravaganza it is now. The general belief is that the celebration that’s loved around the world originated from ancient Celtic harvest festivals. In early Christianity, All Hallows’ Evening became the prelude to All Hallow’s Day – a bit like Chistmas Eve precedes Christmas Day.

Why this cocktail contest?

After many transformations and additions, the holiday became what it is today: a fun and somewhat freaky tradition for young and old. It’s also a great excuse to create the most unique and scariest drink with Sir Edmond Gin you can think of – which is exactly what we challenge you to do.

Who can participate?

Everyone can participate, from home mixologists and professional bartenders to first time Sir Edmond Gin drinkers and longtime fans of our Bourbon vanilla infused spirit.

How to participate?

1. Post your scary Halloween drink.

2. Add the recipe and #siredmondgin.

3. Email the photo and the recipe to

What’s there to win?

A great Sir Edmond Gin package worth €150, including:

  • 1 bottle of Sir Edmond Gin in a beautiful gift box
  • 2 high-quality Copa glasses with the Sir Edmond logo
  • 1 Sir Edmond Gin lapel pin featuring our famous flamingo
  • 1 white T-shirt with Sir Edmond Gin print
  • 2 Sir Edmond Gin booklets recounting our journey
  • 1 one-pager with two of our best serves
  • 2 bottles of London Essence tonic (200 ml)
  • A variety of botanicals: cinnamon sticks, coffee beans, dried orange

When will the contest start and when will the winner be announced?

The contest kicks off on 1 October. The winner will be announced on Halloween, Saturday 31 October.

Where is Sir Edmond Gin sold?

Right here. Our Bourbon vanilla infused gin is currently available in 13 European countries, and we welcome participants from all across the continent. May the most frightening, horrifying, terrifying, hair-raising, spine-chilling, blood-curdling drink win!