An ode to the boys who became men

Not to go all religious on you, but fatherhood, like motherhood, is no trivial matter. It awakens dormant superpowers. It changes the wiring in one’s brain. It turns boys into men – overnight. So yes, honour thy father, or any father for that matter, because there’s nothing like the joy of praising where praise is due.

Taking care of a human being that isn’t yourself, yet in an odd way resembles you, profoundly changes a man’s character. At least, that’s what my father said. Seeing me grow into the mature bird that I am (some would disagree on this) was an at times challenging experience, but the good moments easily outweigh the bad. As my youth faded out of sight, his parental pride started sliding over to my side of the scale. Now when I look at him, I see myself. Just like he saw himself in me. We are in balance, as the circle of life intends us to be.

Alright, that’s enough melodrama for today. Long story short: fatherhood isn’t to be underestimated and a healthy dose of affirmation, affection and admiration has never hurt anybody. So remind that man of his superpower. Write down some sweet words. Spend time together. A little gentleness and generosity goes a long way.

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