Box of chocolates? Box of cocktails!

M others, where would we be without them? Not here, that’s for sure. No wonder there’s an undeniable and everlasting connection between mother and child. A connection that deserves to be celebrated the whole year round, but even more so on Mother’s Day. Anyone up for a cocktail?

The love of a mother for her child is unconditional, or at least it should be. Ideally that love is mutual, forming a bond that’s unbreakable, no matter the challenges it inevitably faces over the course of a lifetime. For sure it’s worth cherishing. And celebrating — which is where Sir Edmond Gin comes in.

How does one honour that most special woman? Or any mother or mother figure, for that matter. We propose an unannounced get-together. This might be on Mother’s Day itself (the second Sunday of May in most countries), but any other day will do. Come prepared. Select one of more of our amazingly good-looking cocktails or Gin & Tonics. Gather all the ingredients. Get your hands on a bottle of Sir Edmond Gin. Put everything in a box, wrap it up nicely and head over to her house for a sweet, vanilla-infused surprise.

As everyone who’s ever received a gift knows, the gesture and effort are just as important as the actual present. The advantage of this special Mother’s Day treat is that you get to enjoy it together, from preparing the cocktails to tasting and savouring them. Life may be like a box of chocolates, but getting an actual box of chocolates is a bit cliché, right? That’s why this year we suggest a small, temporary adjustment to Forrest Gump’s immortal quote: ‘Life’s like a box of cocktails. You never know what you gonna get.’

Sir Edmond Gin is available here.