A list of some of our favourite things to celebrate lovers and love


here would we be without love? That beautiful, mysterious thing, which – much like vanilla takes attention to cultivate. It exists in many forms, and Valentine’s Day gives us time to celebrate it, and the chance to show our appreciation through thoughtful gestures big and small. Heart shaped candles, flowers, love songs: we love it all. We get to celebrate our bonds, surprise each other and combine pink and red. As you know Sir Edmond Gin likes to do things a little differently, so we made a selection of ideas to make this Valentine’s Day extra sweet. From signature cocktails, to tunes, to getaways for two, here’s something for every lover!

  1. Best Valentine’s Cocktail: The Flamingo Club

On Valentine’s Day, we drink pink! You know we love to revisit a classic, this time it’s the Flamingo Club, based on the iconic Clover Club. Fresh lemon juice, raspberry, and our very own Bourbon vanilla infused Sir Edmond Gin create a surprising, sweet, and tart blend of flavours to sweep you off your feet.

  1. Best Valentine’s G&T: Strawberry & Mint

Picture bright red strawberry slices swirling in your glass, mint for robust and crisp notes, and the signature warmth of Bourbon vanilla washing over you. Sounds divine, doesn’t it? Our G&T pick for Valentine’s Day is Strawberry & Mint, a romantic combination of sweet, herbal, and fresh perfect for date night with your special someone.

  1. Best Valentine’s Date Night Spotify Playlist

Music and cocktails: the perfect blend to set the mood. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, we take our soundtrack seriously. Head over to Sir Edmond Gin | Date Night on Spotify for some smooth, indulgent tunes sure to get you in the Valentine’s vibe.

  1. Best Valentine’s Dinner Spot

Food (and gin) are the ways to our heart! This Valentine’s Day we selected Encore, the latest addition to the Simonis restaurant family. Situated in Scheveningen’s (NL) old fish auction hall, Encore features tall warehouse ceilings, with sleek modern lighting and design complementing its industrial frame. They serve the freshest fish with a twist, ranging from sashimi to tacos, as well as an assortment of meats and other dishes – perfect for a pairing with a Sir Edmond G&T!

  1. Best Valentine’s Hotel Getaway

Float away to dreamland, or more specifically the Flora Batava Hotel in Nieuwersluis in the Netherlands. Set in a historical villa, Flora Batava offers a luxurious setting for a romantic couples’ getaway complete with a three course meal, champagne and late check-out. The villa is surrounded by lakes, beautiful nature, and trees creating an inspiring setting to relax together!

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