Meet our rebellious raspberry trio


ome fruits are easily overlooked. They lack the extravagance of a pineapple, the curviness of a banana, the exotic attraction of a passion fruit. They are, in one word, common. This certainly goes for the raspberry, but a closer look reveals the true nature of this juicy delight. That is why the raspberry has been declared fruit of the year in 2022.

Like the blackberry, the raspberry belongs to the genus Rubus, which includes more than 600 different species. It loves open places in the forest and often pops up along forest edges, spreading its underground tentacles to cover more and more ground. Cultivation of raspberries dates back to the Middle Ages; the current annual world production is around one million tonnes.

Raspberries come in many colours: red, black, purple or golden yellow. It’s an incredibly popular and versatile fruit, which can be eaten one by one or used in anything from jam, wine, pie, ice cream and, of course, cocktails. Allow us to introduce our very own rebellious raspberry trio.

Raspberry & Lemon

A Gin & Tonic that makes the sun shine wherever you are. Easy to make, delicious to drink. The sweet hint of raspberry and the sour touch of lemon form a great team. Check recipe

The Flamingo Club

Talking about great teams: Sir Edmond Gin, lemon juice, raspberry syrup and egg white are all it takes to create this very fruity cocktail. Served in a Martini glass with a few pieces of raspberry on top, it’s also one of the most dazzling looking cocktails around. Check recipe

The Fresh Berry

Another fruity eyecatcher, this one in a highball glass filled with ice. In The Fresh Berry, the golden combination of lemon juice and raspberry syrup is completed with soda water to create a refreshing and invigorating drink. Check recipe