A culinary voyage in London

From the moment I first passed its large wooden doors, The Trading House didn’t stop to amaze me. This residence on 89-91 Gresham Street in London houses ‘a world of adventure and exploration, where curiosity meets an array of exotic flavours and influences’. Curiosity is my middle name, exotic flavours run through my veins.

With an interior that’s testament to a bygone era, this unusual place serves as a time machine of sorts. Hunting trophies adorn the walls, which are covered from floor to ceiling in artfully carved out wood. The unmistakable star of The Trading though, is its marble-topped bar lined with leather clad bar stools and illuminated by lamps of cast iron and glass as well as chandeliers that look like golden palm trees – two things I absolutely love.

The exquisiteness of the food is echoed in the fine wines, ales, and cocktails The Trading House is famous for. If you happen to be in the Big Smoke any time soon, do as I did and climb the stairs to the mezzanine. It lends itself perfectly well for some professional bird watching.