Sir Edmond makes its way to Denmark

Being the rebellious migratory bird that I am, I want the whole world to taste my gin. After all, modesty is for doves, right? Making the rounds over the northern part of Europe, looking for a place to rest my wings and sip my award-winning gin, I caught sight of Simon Frimann of 1975 By Simon. We connected, big time. Why, you ask? Because this bartending entrepreneur loves himself a good drink or two. Three. Okay, four. Moreover, the high-end gin, tonic and spirits importer from Denmark knows what makes true cocktail aficionados tick: creativity, courage, and class. This is evident from his impressive portfolio, that contains only the most premium of brands.

As of now, Sir Edmond Gin is part of the 1975 By Simon family. I hate to admit it, but I’m proud as a peacock (although a lot less arrogant). No complaints from the Danes so far, too. They are as fond of my smooth and harmonious vanilla spiced gin, as they are of hygge and happiness. Want to know where my unusual gin journey brings me next? I know I do, so be sure to keep track of The Flamingo Journal. This pink bird is always aching for new adventures!