Are you ready to fly?


iscover one of the most unusual paradises on the planet that holds plenty of astonishing, untamed natural beauty. The green scenery stands apart from any other tropical island and is home of the world’s best vanilla: Bourbon vanilla. From Réunion to the most vibrant cities on earth. Get carried away by the wind or ocean currents and let our breathtaking new brand movie take you on a journey into the depths of our gin.

Ever since Sir Edmond Gin was established, our gin has found its way to free-spirited adventurers and bon vivants the world over. Makes sense: our six botanicals — Bourbon vanilla, juniper, cardamom, angelica root, ginger and cinnamon — come from all across the globe. We treat these miracles of Mother Nature with the utmost care and respect to create our distinctive gin, and the same goes for the people who have embraced Sir Edmond Gin in the past years.

Our new brand movie perfectly captures the playful curiosity and rebellious spirit that are at the heart of Sir Edmond Gin. Be the first to watch our premiere:

Apart from being an alluring introduction to our story, this movie is an homage to the places and people that continiously amaze and inspire us. There’s beauty to be found everywhere and in everyone, you just have to look for it. Allow your senses to register the remarkable, whether it’s stunning flora and fauna, the luxury of good company or unusually great gin — preferably a combination of all of the above.