Do you know what you’re doing to me?

My loyal followers might have noticed I have a crush on Copenhagen. Noma, Two Socks, the Copenhagen Gin Festival – it’s everything a gin lovin’ bird could wish for. It doesn’t take a lot of fantasy to imagine my curiosity when I found out that some of Denmark’s finest bartenders show their skills in a place called Ruby on Nybrogade 10. (I suggest listening to this while you’re reading.)

Located in an old townhouse from 1740 in the oldest part of town, Ruby faces the Parliament buildings and the festive yellow Thorvaldsens Museum, just across the canal that surrounds the small island of Slotsholmen. Once housing a book press and private bank, the building’s most striking story lies in the fact that Det Danske Spiritus Kompagni was founded here in 1882. Still it wasn’t the first sign on the wall that Ruby was bound to end up here. Already back in the 17th century the space currently occupied by the Danish cocktail makers housed dive bars where fishermen and farmers washed away their days of labour with a well-deserved drink.

Ruby has been serving soulful spirits since 2007. Their current menu is a real treat for the cocktail aficionado looking for something different with a side of happy thoughts. (Am I talking about myself? Who knows.) Try, for example, the Corny Curd. White Port mixed with Noilly Prat vermouth infused with roasted spelt, then shaken with Ruby‘s own lemon curd. Or go for Pimm’s Spring, a reinvigorating combination of gin and Pimms No. 1, mixed with fresh lemon juice and organic ginger beer. Say what? Say delicious. Ruby on Nybrogade 10 is where you want to be when it’s time to rest your tailfeather before shaking it like there’s no tomorrow.