For the heat-seeking adventurers

In my Perfect Serve series, I will take you on a trip around the world in search of cocktail perfection. The first five parts were dedicated to The Clover Club, Free Bird, The Flower Next Door, Up and Over and The Upper Hand Collins, the sixth part will spice up your life more than Ms Beckham ever could.

This red hot bird lets your inner temperature rise to Death Valley levels. Just looking at it makes you crave the heat, doesn’t it? Having spent my younger years under African skies, on the island of Réunion, I am accustomed to tropical weather and sweaty feathers. There’s something about the Fire Bird that takes me back to those days of yore.

This adventurous cocktail gets its fiery colour and sweet touch from Wild Hibiscus Syrup. The refreshingly sour kick comes from the lime juice, balanced out by gentle notes of apricot and almonds. A no less fascinating game of hide and seek is played by the tastes of vanilla and extremely spicy habanero peppers.

The best circumstances for enjoying a Fire Bird? I suggest a beach setting. Friends left and right. A lover (present or future) nearby. Sand between your toes. That red eyecatcher in front of you. Replace the beach with your favourite Sir Edmond pouring bar, remove the sand, and you have an equally appealing scenario to spice up your life like no Ms Beckham, Bunton or Halliwell could.


45 ml Sir Edmond Gin

2 dashes of Scrappy’s Firewater

25 ml lime juice

15 ml Wild Hibiscus Syrup (from pot)




Shake and fine strain, top up with Wostok Apricot & Almond, garnish with chili pepper and apricot