An unusual little thing called love

In my Perfect Serve series, I will take you on a trip around the world in search of cocktail perfection. The first two parts were dedicated to The Clover Club and Free Bird, the third part is a story about an unusual little thing called love…

In Greek, her name means ‘wisdom’. She’s a woman worth honouring with a cocktail. The story goes that one bright morning, a man with shiny black hair peeked over the edge of a roof terrace in Amsterdam. There she was, a few meters below. In all her blonde glory, slender and graceful.

The man gathered his courage. Words came out of his mouth. Then out of hers. Their sentences met in the middle, merged, and turned into a staircase. He went down, she went up. Neighbours became friends, friends became lovers.

The Flower Next Door is as sweet, subtle and blonde as the woman it pays tribute to. I haven’t told you her actual name yet, have I? I will let you find out for yourself. (Clue: it’s not Sansa, but in a way it is.)


30 ml Sir Edmond Gin

30 ml Lillet Blanc

15 ml honey ginger syrup

15 ml lemon juice

2 dashes of rose water




Shake and fine strain, garnish with lemon zest and flower

The Flower Next Door