The taste of mediterranean serenity

Sometimes a travel loving bird has to rest his feathers. Even a flamingo like myself; I may be far from average but in some respects I’m no different from a barn swallow or city pigeon. While flying across Europe in search of new territories to conquer, I took a break in a breathtakingly beautiful place between vineyards and plains. Surrounded by soothing chamomile flowers, I was instantly at ease.

A bottle of delicious white wine was easily found. While enjoying the fabulous vistas and mediterranean serenity around me, the inspiration for a refreshing highball started brewing. What if I combined Sir Edmond’s vanilla flavour with fruity wine notes, earthy matcha and gentle chamomile, adding some honey syrup for a sweet touch?

The result is a cocktail that lights up the dark days with memories of sun-drenched valleys and fragrant flower fields. Close your eyes, take a sip, and let the refreshing taste wash over your tongue like a wave rolls onto the shore. A long sigh of delight is allowed, even encouraged. Croatian vineyards and plains are only one drink away.

Croatian bartender and Sir Edmond brand ambassador Sandro Ivanić takes us on a ten-part cocktail journey through the seasons and across the continents. Hereby the first one:


45ml Sir Edmond

60ml white wine

40ml matcha & chamomile soda

15ml honey syrup




Shake and strain, garnish with chamomile flower