Exciting new partnership with Pro Drinks


reece is considered the cradle of Western civilisation and might very well be the country with the richest history. Besides being the birthplace of many famous philosophers, mathematicians and artists, the republic at the Southeastern edge of Europe is also known for its vibrant cocktail culture.

How much further south can we go? That’s the question we asked ourselves after recently adding Slovenia and Croatia to our list of countries where Sir Edmond Gin is available. Quite a bit further, it turned out. At the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, Greece awaited us with its impressively long coastline, dazzlingly beautiful islands and rich history and culture. We are honoured to start an exciting new partnership with Pro Drinks.

Pro Drinks is a renowned house of high quality handcrafted spirits, active in the on trade, off trade, events and e-commerce. Their vision is as clear as the dreamy blue waters surrounding the Greek islands: to offer premium brands of high-quality value with respect to man, society and environment. Which is exactly why Pro Drinks and Sir Edmond are such a perfect fit. The fact that Greece has a very vibrant cocktail culture only adds to the countless possibilities this partnership has to offer.

Spiropoulos Spiros, founder of Pro Drinks, says they are always on the lookout for premium spirits that add something special and unusual to their portfolio. “Pro Drinks is ready to start promoting and distributing Sir Edmond throughout Greece. We are delighted to be working with one of the leading spirits in the gin category, Sir Edmond. We are honoured to work with leading companies like Sir Edmond, who strive to produce high value products and have social and ecological awareness. We join forces to offer the Greek market, a high value spirit, based on pure raw materials, which will meet the needs of ‘the’ particular consumer.

“We are proud to have established yet another new collaboration with one of the leading distributors of a country,” says Dominique Makatita, co-founder of Sir Edmond. “After setting up partnerships in Slovenia and Croatia, we continue our European gin journey in Greece. Pro Drinks stands out in the Greek market with their exclusive and high quality portfolio. We share their team’s vision to do something good for a better and different tomorrow; we make a contribution to the African Wildlife Foundation for every bottle sold. I’m very excited about joining forces with Pro Drinks and conquering the Greek cocktail scene together.”

“It’s great to launch our product in another important market and we are excited to expand our footprint in the region with the appointment of this highly experienced and respected distributor,” Sir Edmond co-owner T-J van der Drift adds. “We are confident and look forward to working with Pro Drinks. Sir Edmond Gin is about a feeling, it’s about summer in a glass and where else can you experience it better than in sun-drenched Greece with its many beautiful islands.”