Setting sail for a successful 2023


fter Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia and Canada, we will bring some warmth and sunshine to a very inspiring place: Denmark. Next year, we’ll be setting sail for a successful 2023 and we will be taking our Bourbon vanilla infused gin on a trip through the fjords with a fresh, new collaboration. 

Denmark brings to mind excellent design and taste for complex, yet simple creativity. Forged by the sea that surrounds it, and spread across a collection of peninsulas and islands, the makeup of the country, much like that of Sir Edmond, stands out. Like the Vikings of yore, expansion and exploration are some of our favourite activities. In that spirit, we’ll be expanding our portfolio to the Nordics, and more specifically to the stunning natural beauty that is Denmark.

Since we like to do things differently, we decided to spread our wings and fly north this season, towards sprawling seascapes and rolling hills. We are eager to announce our new partnership with Conaxess Trade Denmark: a leading marketing, sales, and distribution company within the Danish spirits industry, and one of the best suppliers in the Danish market. Their mission is to make successful brands more successful in unknown territories. We are very excited to have them with us on this journey. With this partnership, we are coming to serve Danish cocktail lovers with our surprising flavor combination and carefully crafted gin, continuing our expansion across Europe.

Jan Rose, Managing Director of Conaxess Trade Beverages, is excited to have Sir Edmond Gin on board. ”Happy days, another new partnership to announce. Conaxess Beverages proudly introduce the world’s very first Bourbon vanilla infused gin! A wonderful premium gin, great for mixing and great times together.”

Richard Witters, International Sales Manager at Sir Edmond illustrates their vision when it comes to growing on a global scale: ”Together with Conaxess Trade Denmark, an incredible partner, we are thrilled to have availability in the Danish market, making Sir Edmond Gin available throughout the country. We are extremely excited to widen availability for our Danish consumers. This increased distribution is part of a long-term trend marking Sir Edmond’s growth throughout Europe and beyond.”

Joining the Conaxess family will allow us to supply the hottest cocktail spots with Sir Edmond, giving bartenders and cocktail connoisseurs alike the possibility to experiment and explore with new aromas. What better way to wrap up the year than to already be inspired by the next? As of January 1st 2023, you will be able to find our iconic bottles of Sir Edmond Gin throughout Denmark. This partnership brings forward a high-quality premium product to an ever-growing audience, giving us the chance to extend the exceptional range of Sir Edmond Gin to the far reaches of the North. You can catch me flying over the fjords in celebration!