A meeting of unusual characters


s you know by now, we love trailblazers, and love to pick out spots full of characteristic originality and charm. Named after another majestic bird, my noisier, flamboyant cousin: the Peacock, this new cocktail bar in the Dutch city of Zwolle is the latest hotspot to add Sir Edmond Gin to its shelves. They are the only ones in town doing cocktails on a high level, so it was only natural for us to work together. Birds of a feather…

The Peacock follows the long standing tradition of speakeasy bars, secret entrance and all, with a lush, cozy atmosphere featuring deep blues, purples, and golds just like my feathered friend. Reminiscent of European cabaret aesthetics of the 1930s, it blends familiar design with a personal, modern touch. Much like our approach to spirits, their cocktail menu contains classics with a twist, ranging from a selection of signature drinks to mixes made from their clientele’s personal preferences.

Their old school charm extends far beyond design, they’ve spread the word of their arrival on the scene via word of mouth, letting their boldness speak for itself. Now that Sir Edmond Gin is also a part of their spirit selection, we’re not surprised this blend of personalities is becoming the talk of the town! Behind the bar, you’ll find a talented team of staff so well versed in the creation of cocktails, they should be proud as peacocks themselves. We hope to catch you there!