Let us take you on a tour of the most exciting places to celebrate


very year, on the second Saturday of June, we partake in a celebration of our favourite spirit. World Gin Day, which started in 2009 as a small-scale event, has since become a global celebration of gin featuring tastings, sharing knowledge about botanicals, and, of course, the opportunity to stock up on our favourite bottles.  Here are some spots where you can find Sir Edmond Gin and enjoy Bourbon vanilla infused drinks for World Gin Day:

  1. Current Rooftop Bar ‘s – Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Our first stop is the Netherlands, where our carefully crafted botanicals are produced. It’s also the birthplace of gin’s precursor jenever; it’s only natural we celebrate that! Take in every ray of sunlight at Current, where the tall greenhouse-style windows give you a unique indoor-outdoor feeling. Here you can sit amongst the plants and beachy furniture; it’s like Bali in den Bosch!

  1. Locale Florence – Florence, Italy

Florence is known as the birthplace of the Renaissance, and its rich cultural heritage is the next stop on our gin tour. Locale Florence sits within the iconic walls of the Concini Palace  dating back to the 1200s. Think gothic arches, cherubs, and tapestries hanging on beautifully carved stone walls. You can enjoy your cocktails in the cellar rooms of the palace or on the ground floor in the garden, library, or mirror room to take in the full spirit of Renaissance decor.

  1. Bar Botanik – Cologne, Germany

Infused with botanical inspiration, just like our gin, Bar Botanik sits at the top of the Wasserturm (Watertower) Hotel in Cologne, giving stunning 360 views of Cologne’s historic streets and, of course, its cathedral. Adorned with lush tropical plants and large bay windows, you can sip a wonderfully blended G&T from the top of this unique 150-year-old building.

  1. Ocean Oasis – King’s Beach, Bonaire

We love tropical getaways, and World Gin Day wouldn’t be complete without a sunny recommendation. Ocean Oasis in Bonaire is just the place to enjoy a fruity cocktail under a palm tree on a white sand beach. Described as an “oasis of tranquillity” on the stunning King’s Beach, this remains one of our top picks for a celebratory toast.

  1. Esplanade 1925 – Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia is a hidden gem of the Baltic Peninsula with untouched beaches and striking coastal landscapes. In its capital city, Zagreb, you can find Esplanade 1925, a cocktail bar decked out in full art deco calling back to the Roaring Twenties with ornate chandeliers and velours upholstered chairs, creating an immersive atmosphere of luxury. We’d recommend ordering a Flamingo Club for the full experience.

Sir Edmond Gin is available here.