And so the exotic adventure begins...

At Sir Edmond Gin, we pride ourselves on our boundless appetite for new adventures. When other birds settle down, we fly further. The search for new thrills brought us to the Caribbean. First stop: Aruba.

If you had to pick one region in the world to drink a Gin & Tonic with your feet in the sand, where would you go? Probably an island with perfect weather and crystal clear waters, right? The Caribbean has plenty of places like this. Which is why it feels so natural for Sir Edmond Gin to touch down on Aruba to introduce our Bourbon vanilla infused deliciousness.

We partnered up with the sales and distribution specialists of GinBuilders for our long-awaited Caribbean expansion. “GinBuilders is proud to facilitate Sir Edmond Gin coming to Aruba soon,” says co-founder Ron de la Fuente Saez. “In partnership with Romar Trading we are confident to excite consumers with the unique Bourbon vanilla flavour profile of Sir Edmond Gin.”

Romar Trading is Aruba’s premier food and drink distributor, with over fifty years of local experience. They are delighted to add Sir Edmond Gin to their catalogue of products, says Romar Trading’s Beto Wernet. ”Sir Edmond Gins Bourbon Vanilla infused gin is crafted with some of the world’s best ingredients. Once you open a bottle, you are captivated by its unique aroma. Its smoothness and refinement are simply extraordinary. We are thrilled about introducing the product to the island and can’t wait to start working with it”.

Dominique Makatita, co-founder of Sir Edmond Gin, can’t wait for this new adventure to begin. “Cooperation is essential to our operation. We are thankful for our partners who strongly believe in our brand and we are very excited to explore new territories and possibilities together with Romar Trading.”

Sir Edmond Gin will be available on Aruba as of November 2020.