Sir Edmond’s latest partnership with Indonesian importer PT. Mandiri Graha Persada comes with a personal touch


ontinuing our world tour, we proudly announce our latest partnership, which we hold incredibly close to our hearts. This time, we will be heading to Indonesia, thanks to the dedicated team at PT. Mandiri Graha Persada, we can share Sir Edmond’s golden Bourbon vanilla goodness with the Indonesian public.

In just over 15 years, PT. Mandiri Graha Persada has become one of the top liquor importers in Indonesia, providing integrated import systems to 8 distributors across 9 separate regions in the country, establishing each market to ensure every brand reaches its maximum potential. Their team will be supporting Sir Edmond Gin in discovering a new marketplace.

Fiedel Tewu, Brand Development Manager of Mandiri: ”Sir Edmond Gin possesses a captivating charm that uniquely blends the sophistication of a classic gin with the delightful essence of Bourbon vanilla infusion. This exceptional gin takes the palate on a velvety journey, where the smooth juniper notes dance harmoniously with hints of warm vanilla, creating a taste that is both refined and enticing.”

”Indonesia has a flourishing cocktail culture and a growing interest in premium spirits, making it an ideal market for Sir Edmond Gin. Its smooth and refined flavour profile, coupled with the versatile nature of gin for creating a wide range of cocktails, offers an opportunity to cater to the discerning tastes of Indonesian consumers.”

Mandiri’s team of over 400 works to deliver the best import service across Indonesia by hosting some of Indonesia’s biggest parties and events, holding product training and tasting sessions, as well as participating in exhibitions and roadshows throughout the country.

This partnership has inspired us and brought Sir Edmond’s story full circle; as our co-founder Dominique puts it: “We are thrilled to be partnering with PT. Mandiri Graha Persada and eagerly look forward to expanding our brand’s reach into Indonesia’s vibrant market. Working with their strong and enthusiastic team, we are poised to ignite new possibilities and create a lasting impact that resonates across the archipelago. We will build the brand in Jakarta and Bali in the first year. Once the brand is established in these areas, we will focus on surrounding areas.

Those who know me well know my fervor for introducing Sir Edmond Gin to Indonesia runs deep. With my family ties to Indonesia and Indonesian heritage, this opportunity feels like a double triumph. The prospect of sharing Sir Edmond Gin with the vibrant Indonesian community is not just a business venture; it’s a heartfelt mission close to my roots.”

We are proud to be counted within PT. Mandiri Graha Persada’s exclusive brand portfolio catches you on Bali’s beaches!