Celebrating our new partnership with Swiss importer TLK360


witzerland, famous for its ski slopes, carefully crafted clocks and chocolates, and some of the purest spring water on Earth is the next up in a series of recent distribution partnerships we have made. We are proud to announce our new partnership with Swiss spirits importer TLK360.

It was brought to life by three young entrepreneurs who combined their hospitality, sales, marketing, media and communication expertise into a company with a mission: establishing premium beverage brands within their target markets. With their exceptional network in the hospitality and luxury sector, they achieve this through a holistic sales and marketing approach and by setting new trends in the industry. Their approach is an all-in-one solution for premium spirit brands looking to conquer new markets with ease and expertise.

Through the TLK Experience, they provide consumers access to exclusive premium spirits brands, share knowledge, and introduce them to new trends in the beverage world. We love sharing stories and couldn’t be more excited.

“This new partnership is something we were waiting for”, says co-owner T-J van der Drift. “With TLK360 as our partner, we are confident that we will take Sir Edmond Gin to the next level within Europe. Their 360 approach is something we value and they have access to the right platforms to share the magic of our Bourbon vanilla infused gin with a wider Swiss audience.”

Through their established network they can tap into the salesforces of their partners and thereby guarantee access to more than 100 venues nationwide in Switzerland. TLK360 offers a full-service package for both the supplier and the customer. TLK360 has an extensive gastronomy and beverage industry network that enables them to ensure direct traction on various sales channels with access to exclusive and closed communities to help further brands establish themselves in the premium segment.

With the support of TLK360, Sir Edmond Gin will increase brand awareness in the Swiss market through carefully designed marketing measures to the Swiss gin lovers to the unique and distinctive flavour profile of Bourbon vanilla infused gin.

“With Sir Edmond Gin we are happy to add an unparalleled craftsmanship product to our portfolio. We are convinced Sir Edmond will stand out in a competitive market and persuade the Swiss audience through its extraordinary taste and captivating heritage”, says Karim Egli co-founder of TLK360.

Through master classes, training, blog articles, brochures and more, TLK360 will help us expand our influence in the gin market. They will guide us through the Swiss consumer base and beyond with their multimedia expertise, and we couldn’t be more honoured to be along for the ride.

Catch you in the Alps!