Sir Edmond Gin scores a prestigious new partnership


ver the past year, we have been busy flying all over Europe; we have added France and Denmark to our list of partners,  just to name a few. Next stop: Poland, a land known for its vodka heritage, will be our new partner in bringing Sir Edmond Gin to a fresh set of customers this year.

Through our partnership with Pinot, a leading independent importer and distributor of premium wine and spirits in Poland, Sir Edmond Gin will be part of the expansion of Pinot’s exceptional portfolio of drinks to meet the expectations of demanding modern consumers. Katarzyna Pałecz, Marketing Manager of Pinot: ”We are thrilled to join the Sir Edmond Gin family and have the opportunity to introduce this excellent premium gin, its unique DNA and history to polish gin lovers across our country.” Pinot’s goals are ingrained in promoting a drinking culture, which is why we feel right at home with them, bringing our brand story and the legacy of gin and Bourbon vanilla to shelves and bars across Poland.

Pinot was founded in 2006 and has brought new flavours, aromas, and unknown experiences to its consumers. Through partnerships with brands focused on their heritage and DNA, they form healthy and sustainable collaborations with brand owners. We are proud to be amongst these brands and spread our unique blend of flavours across Poland. To quote T-J van der Drift, co-owner of Sir Edmond Gin: ”Together with Pinot Wine & Spirits, one of the leading importers and distributors of unique and premium spirits in Poland, we are ready for long-term cooperation. Their mission is to awaken the customer’s desire and willingness to discover new flavour compositions. We think Sir Edmond Gin fits perfectly in their portfolio because of our unique star ingredient: Bourbon vanilla. We look forward to working with the Pinot Wine & Spirits team, who works with a lot of passion and is constantly looking for the best ways to bring unique spirits into the Polish market.”

Pinot actively promotes brands through training sessions, bartending competitions, shows, and master classes. That means Pinot will prepare bar staff to make our Sir Edmond G&T’s, Flamingo Club’s, and more… We are excited to spread the love. Pinot has got quite the list of achievements as well: In 2019, the owners of Pinot were nominated by the renowned Scottish Inver House, the owner of five distilleries in the Speyside and Highland regions, for the prestigious “Keepers of the Quaich” group, which celebrates outstanding commitments to the Scotch Whisky Industry.

Thanks to this collaboration, we will be able to spread our wings across a new market, securing our spot amongst some of the top liquor brands and casting our familiar golden glow over new territories. Cheers to that!

Sir Edmond Gin is available here.