A gin journey to the heart of Europe

What better way to start 2021 than embarking on a new adventure? For the next step in our international expansion, we partnered up with Artis Group AG for the distribution of Sir Edmond Gin in Switzerland.

What’s not to love about Switzerland, that beautiful landlocked country of snowy Alps, green valleys and historic cities? Here, in the heart of Europe, is where Sir Edmond Gin will kick off 2021 in style. A new year of worldwide adventures, with plenty of new opportunities to introduce our rebellious Bourbon vanilla infused gin to those who have not yet had the pleasure to enjoy it.

As of January, 2021, Artis Group will be responsible for the distribution of Sir Edmond Gin in Switzerland. After bringing our bottles to the Carribean and announcing a brand new distribution collaboration for the Benelux, this is an exciting new step in our international expansion. Artis Group is affiliated with drinkdealer.ch, one of the country’s best online liquor shops, as well as Rotach Trading, a spirit import and distribution company that successfully introduced a variety of brands to the Swiss market. The collaboration provides Sir Edmond Gin with the chance to benefit from their extensive network, particularly in Switzerland’s many luxury resorts.

“In our pursuit of international expansion and growth, we believe that strong partnerships are vital for future success,” says Dominique Makatita, co-founder of Sir Edmond Gin. “We are delighted to have met Artis Group from Switzerland, and we are committed to working closely with our Swiss partners in advancing our mutual goal of expanding into more foreign markets. We would like to thank Artis Group for their faith and trust in the Sir Edmond Gin brand and are looking forward to a bright future together.”

Christian Rotach, founder and owner of Artis Group AG, is equally excited about the partnership. “Gin is my passion and I thought I couldn’t be more surprised when it came to gin. But Sir Edmond Gin surprised me with its incredible taste, fascinating story and great presentation. The team at Sir Edmond Gin exudes this conviction for the product and there is no better foundation. It was clear to us very quickly that we would like to include this gin in our portfolio. Therefore, we are very happy to represent Sir Edmond Gin in Switzerland and to offer our customers and gin fans this extraordinary taste experience.”