Celebrating a new partnership with Fenix Drinks


fter spreading our wings in Spain, Sir Edmond Gins European journey continues in Czechia with an inspiring new partnership in the beautiful Central European country known for its Art Nouveau, a rich literary history, and… absinth. We will bring Bourbon vanilla infused goodness to new horizons and soon be found across bars and on liquor shelves. Our latest distribution partner is Fenix Drinks, a young, dynamic, fast-growing spirits importer and distributor in the Czech Republic. Among that they offer other services such as professional guided tastings, staff training, bar management and bar design consultation and of course bar catering for events. They know how to work hard!

The story of Fenix Drinks started in the late 1990s when future co-founders Jan and Samer met at a bartending course organized by their school. After graduation, they started working together in a bar, where they became passionate about spirits and liquors. At the same time, they both continued their studies at the College of Hospitality Management in Prague. After this, they founded S&B Gastro Team and spent the next nine years in the spirit business.

After selling their first company, they took different career paths but stayed close. In May 2019, just in pre-covid time, they became business partners again and launched a new company called Fenix Drinks. The focus of the company is to bring interesting, authentic and transparent brands to Czech consumers. Fenix Drinks have a specific shared vision of choosing products from authentic makers that are truly passionate about their products. In the background there has to be real people with real stories, not only a good marketing bubble.

Fenix Drinks have since established themselves in leading Czech bars, restaurants and bistros. The team now consist of 11 enthusiastic colleagues covering on trade sales, marketing, social media, copywriting and graphic design.

Samer Selbak, co-founder of Fenix Drinks, says: “We are glad to announce our collaboration with Sir Edmond Gin, bringing a disruptive product to the Czech Republic. A new vanilla infused gin that is bridging the existing gap on the local market. In the current days, gins are really popping up everywhere and it is challenging to find one that fits our values. When choosing new products to Fenix Drinks portfolio, we apply our company philosophy that wants authentic, transparent and good-fun brands. Sir Edmond Gin fulfils our strict criteria and we strongly believe this unique vanilla profile gin will bring joy to our consumers.”

“Also, we deliberately choose such products we feel connected to, and that we believe are a good fit not only for bars, but as well to use at home. This way we offer to our consumers to create a quality spirits-bar at home and spend good times with family and friends,” adds Jan Branis, Fenix Drinks co-owner.

We are proud to be working together with Fenix Drinks, an influential and inspirational partner in gastronomy and a reference for lovers of quality rums, gins, vermouths, and other unique drinks.

To quote Richard Witters, International Sales Manager of Sir Edmond Gin: “I am delighted to announce our partnership with Fenix Drinks, an exceptional collaborator, as we celebrate the expansion of Sir Edmond Gin’s presence in the Czech Republic. We are truly thrilled to make our premium gin accessible to customers across the entire Czech Republic. We couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to reach more consumers than ever before. We stand prepared for the next phase of our gin journey. Together with the dedicated team of Fenix Drinks we aim to forge a remarkable alliance that shall triumph with resounding success.’’