Announcing a new partnership with Alcodis Bebidas y Licores S.L.


s spring settles in and prepares us for summer, bringing bright colours, longer days, and more reasons to try new cocktail combinations, we proudly announce a new partnership with another distribution partner. Alcodis Bebidas y Licores S.L. will share over 140 years of experience and knowledge of the Spanish liquor market with us as they add us to their portfolio of premium beverages.

Located in downtown Valencia, near the historic Puerta del Mar plaza and with over 8,000 m2 of warehouse space, Alcodis is one of Spain’s largest beverage distribution companies. Thanks to their extensive network and enormous distribution power, we can spread our wings and become available to gin lovers across Spain and its islands. Daniel Paul Keyser, the Managing Director of Alcodis, says: “We’re truly excited to begin working with this wonderful product. Sir Edmond Gin is something unique and we’re excited to bring it to our sunny shores. Gin lovers looking for something different are in for a treat.”

Alcodis supplies supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, bars, and tourist shops, which means you will be able to find us just about anywhere! Thanks to their reliability, competitive prices, wide assortment, and a team of dedicated and trained experts who think alongside customers, they have remained at the top of the spirits market as an active brand builder.

T-J van der Drift, co-owner of Sir Edmond Gin, is enthusiastic about this upcoming collaboration: “Sir Edmond Gin is finally making its way to Spain and we are proud to announce that we have a partnership with Alcodis, an expert in the distribution of premium spirits. Together with the dedicated and professional team of Alcodis, we are ready to spread our Bourbon vanilla infused gin in Spain. Our own team at the head office will support Alcodis where they can and as we always say, “Strong alone, stronger together”. We truly can’t wait for what this sunny country full of potential will bring us.’’

Perfect for tapas, beach days, or the club, Sir Edmond Gin will be your companion on your next Spanish holiday, adding a warm Bourbon vanilla glow to your favourite drinks.

Sir Edmond Gin is available here.