Celebrating an exciting new partnership with Massy Distribution


ere at Sir Edmond Gin, you know we love to travel, especially when it comes to tropical getaways. We are proud to announce we will soon be landing on shelves in the Caribbean, specifically Trinidad and Tobago. Thanks to our new partner Massy Distribution, who distributes various brands throughout the English-speaking Caribbean, we will be able to spread our wings across Trinidad & Tobago, sharing our unique combination of flavours with other islands in the Caribbean in the second phase of our rollout.

To quote Dominique: “Who doesn’t love palm trees, white beaches, and blue oceans? Can you imagine lying in a hammock while drinking a delicious Sir Edmond Gin & Tonic? We are very excited about this relationship with Massy Distribution further to roll out Sir Edmond Gin in the Caribbean. Massy Distribution’s strong team is well-known in the region and has an excellent distribution network. They are a dedicated team of specialists guiding global A-brands to success. We look forward to working with Lyle’s team and bringing their consumers a point of difference.”

Massy Distribution is committed to improving their customer’s experience by providing a wide range of quality products and services, and we look forward to navigating the local market with them. (insert Massy quote)

The fusion of our golden, Bourbon vanilla infused gin with the extensive network and industry expertise of Massy Distribution gives us space to create an extraordinary experience for gin lovers throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

See you there!