“Very distinctive and memorable in flavour”


y oh my, what a year. 2022 has it all: thrilling new international partnerships, perfect strangers becoming dear friends, and — last but not least — seven new medals for our soon-to-be-too-small trophy cabinet.

2022 is far from over, but what a year it has already been. Global crises emphasised once again what matters most: peace, compassion and the sweet people we surround ourselves with. At Sir Edmond Gin, we consider it our mission to supply you with the best possible gin experience and many happy moments with family, friends and perfect strangers.

To keep pushing our boundaries and use the full potential of our product, we highly value the opinion of spirits industry professionals. In 2021, Sir Edmond Gin was awarded with a respectable number of medals from the world’s most prestigious spirits competitions. You can read all about it here. This year, we can proudly add seven more shiny prizes to our trophy cabinet:

  • Gold at the European Spirits Challenge in the Signature Botanical Gin category
  • 80 points / Very Good at the Gin Guide Awards in the Gin category
  • Silver at the LSC in the Gin category
  • Silver at the Spirits Business Global Gin Masters in the Super Premium category
  • Silver at the Spirits Business Global Travel Retail Masters in the Gin category
  • Bronze at the World Gin Awards in the Contemporary Style Gin category
  • Bronze at the IWSC in the Distilled Dry Gin (Contemporary) category

It’s the first time Sir Edmond Gin won in the European Spirits Challenge and the Global Travel Retail Masters competition of The Spirits Business. The words of praise we received only make us want to do even better in the future. The judges of The Gin Guide called our gin “very distinctive and memorable in flavour”, noting the “amazing aromas on the nose” and the “patisserie vanilla and cinnamon on the palate”. The IWSC jury was pleased by the “surprisingly pleasant lingering aftertaste”.

These humbling words encourage us to live up to expectations and adhere to the highest standards of quality. Because in the end it’s not the prizes that matter, it’s the unforgettable gin experience you share with the people around you.