Smaller size, same sensation


e want to share our gin with as many people as possible, in restaurants, bars, hotels and living rooms across the world. The latest addition to our flamingo family may be small in size, but is filled with the same rebellious and Bourbon vanilla infused spirit. Read on to learn how to win [details winactie invoegen].

The baby birds are always the cutest, don’t you agree? Well, this one is certainly no exception. It’s a miniature version of our beloved 70 cl bottle, perfect for tasting and mixing. One bottle contains 5 cl of Sir Edmond Gin, exactly the amount you need to prepare yourself or your guests a delicious Gin & Tonic. Although small in size, the latest addition to our flamingo family is big in ambition. Allow us to share five scenarios with you.

  1. You have planned a picnic in the park or at the beach and want to be accompanied by a reliable wingman.
  2. You have organised a get-together with friends and want to challenge them to a blind tasting cocktail contest. (Here are some cocktail ideas.)
  3. You have survived a long day of travelling and are in serious need of a delicate thirst quencher from your hotel room’s minibar.
  4. You have a long flight ahead of you and want to celebrate the start of a well-deserved holiday in style.
  5. You have been invited to a gin lover’s party and are looking for a present that will fill your host’s heart with joy.

You get the idea: because of its modest size and versatile contents, this bottle of delight will flexibly adapt to your needs and wishes. It also comes in handy in case you first want to taste Sir Edmond before deciding on whether or not to get a big bottle. Since we love sharing and are extremely proud of our little baby flamingo, here’s how you can win [details winactie invoegen].