Rebellious spirit lands in Central Europe


he world is our playground. Breaking boundaries has always been one of the main goals of our gin journey. After partnering with a new Italian importer and starting a transatlantic adventure in Canada, our next trip brings us to stunning Slovenia.

When Sir Edmond was founded in late 2016, the map of Europe still consisted of a collection of countries to conquer. Five years later, our Bourbon vanilla-infused gin is available in every major European nation. However, there is still plenty of untravelled land to discover. That’s why we headed southeast over the Austrian Alps and set foot in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia and home to our new importer Merit HP.

Although surrounded by popular holiday destinations like Italy, Croatia and Austria, Slovenia is often overlooked. Unjustly, because the country in the heart of Europe has a lot of natural and cultural beauty to offer, from idyllic Lake Bled to the cobbled streets of Ljubljana Old Town. We are excited and honoured to be included in the spirits portfolio of Merit HP. The leading beverage supplier in Slovenia has been active in the market since 1988 and represents many internationally established brands of high quality such as Moët & Chandon, Dom Perignon, Veuve Clicquot, Ruinart, Hennessy, Glenmorangie and Belvedere.

Merit HP shares our excitement about the partnership, says Director of Spirtis, Wine & Beverages Gregor Fric. “We’re always happy when we enrich our portfolio with something really special, this time with a delicate and delicious gin. One of a kind. Sir Edmond has a more than unusual character. Meant, not only the taste, but the entire appearance.”

T-J van der Drift, co-owner of Sir Edmond, praises the team effort that has resulted in this new adventure and is eager to win over as many Slovenian gin lovers as possible.  “We are passionate about joining forces with Merit HP and about introducing Sir Edmond Gin to the Slovenian consumer. We see the super-premium gin continue to grow year on year, so it is a perfect time to partner up with such an experienced and well acclaimed team”.

“It feels good to be part of such a remarkable portfolio”, Sir Edmond co-founder Dominique Makatita adds. “Merit HP has perfected the art of engaging with consumers, and the brands they represent have got a lot of stories to tell. We think Sir Edmond Gin will blend in perfectly. This collaboration is a unique opportunity to accelerate in the Slovenian market. We couldn’t be more delighted to join Merit HP and work together to continue building a strong footprint in that specific part of Europe.”

Sir Edmond Gin is available in Slovenia as of today.