One Gold, one Silver


inning never gets old. Over the years, Sir Edmond has been awarded with multiple medals, but each time feels like the first time. Seems like we’ll have to free up some space in our trophy cabinet, because at this year’s Gin Masters our gin won a Gold Medal in the Flavoured Gin category and a Silver Medal in the Super Premium Category.

Like the jury said when announcing the winners: “If anyone thinks the popularity of gin is waning, think again.” Not only did a lot of new gin brands enter the market, consumption and sales numbers kept increasing as well — even with bars and restaurants being closed for most of 2020. Especially flavoured gin is a force to reckon with: in the UK the category now accounts for around 40% of the total gin market by both volume and value.

Guess which gin brand won a Gold Medal in precisely this category? The name might ring a bell: Sir Edmond. Our history with the Gin Masters, an annual blind tasting organised by authoritative British magazine and website The Spirits Business, started in 2017. The judges were surprised by the “heavy vanilla nose, but complex juniper-forward palate”. Their praise resulted in a Master Medal, the highest possible award in the Super Premium category. This year, they affirmed this with an additional Silver Medal in the same category, bringing the total number of Gin Masters medals in our trophy cabinet to six.

“Having the outstanding quality of our gin recognised by seasoned spirits consultants, bar managers and spirits writers for years on end, fuels the desire to keep pushing boundaries,” says Sir Edmond Gin co-founder Dominique Makatita. “Maintaining our quality and consistency has always been a priority, while at the same time setting foot in new markets around the world to introduce our Bourbon vanilla infused gin to as many people as possible. This adventure is addictive, and we are in it for the long run!”