The Flamingo Club aims straight for the heart

Let love rule: it’s such a simple and attainable goal when you focus on the people who matter most. Your family. Your friends. Your better half. This Valentine’s Day, unleash your bartending skills on a drink that’s surprisingly smooth and fruity.

Of course, in a perfect relationship every day is Valentine’s Day. But 14 February is Valentine’s Day just a little bit more. We show the most special person in the world our admiration, we reconfirm our love and we toast to many more years of shared happiness and great adventures.

Allow us to make a sweet suggestion. It will make this ‘Hallmark holiday’ one to remember, we promise. Instead of (or on top of, if you want go crazy) flowers, chocolate or a fancy home-made dinner, surprise your Valentine with a cocktail that looks and tastes like love itself. It’s called the Flamingo Club, a twist on the Clover Club, that infamous pre-Prohibition era classic.

You don’t need much to create this fresh and fruity thirst quencher. Here’s how you go about making two Flamingo Club cocktails in eight simple steps:

  1. Cool two Martini glasses
  2. Pour 100 ml of Sir Edmond Gin into a shaker
  3. Add 40 ml of fresh lemon juice
  4. Add 30 ml of simple syrup or raspberry syrup
  5. Add 8 raspberries
  6. To smoothen your drink, add 30 ml of eggwhite (or aquafaba if you are vegan)
  7. Dry shake, add ice, shake again
  8. Double strain into the cool Martini glasses and garnish with a raspberry

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is Valentine’s Day perfection in a glass! Don’t forget to put on your lover’s favourite music, light some candles and be at your best behaviour. Because, like Mr Lenny Kravitz said, ‘love transcends all space and time’.

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