Never mind

Can I be frank with you? Not Sinatra or Underwood, but honest? Christmas was never really my thing. I’m a tropical bird from Réunion, east of Madagascar. Northern traditions couldn’t get a hold on me.

Until now.

What happened? You happened. As my flock of lovers, rebels, and unusual earth dwellers got bigger and bigger, I realised what it means to be part of a community. Of a story that’s larger than life. Of a legacy.

Do I sound sentimental? Maybe I am. As the days are getting darker and the streets of my adopted hometown Amsterdam bathe in the yellow glow of Christmas lights, a thought keeps creeping up like a mantra.

“Let’s celebrate, together, one bottle at a time.”

Are you in? Allow me to be your party starter. The fuel to your family dinner. The unexpected gift for that one friend who understands you best. It’s perfect, if I may say so myself.

Fly to my shop to get your bottle(s) of vanilla infused Sir Edmond Gin.

Sir Edmond Gin