Sir Edmonds Gin lands in London

Sometimes, when the daily grind of life creeps up from behind, I like to just fly off and go wherever my wings take me. Unafraid and undaunted, because beyond the horizon is where new adventures await. My latest getaway landed me in the UK. And man, do the Brits love my gin.

High-end hospitality hotspots are already serving my rebellious spirit to fellow free birds all across London. Like the Danes, the Brits don’t think twice when being offered a splendid serve by a jolly good fellow behind the bar. The other night, as I was resting my feathers and sipping from The Flower Next Door, I witnessed the surprise in their eyes as the vanilla hit their tonsils. Believe me, there’s nothing more a flamingo can wish for – except world domination.

I readily admit that my touchdown on UK soil is a milestone that fills my pink heart with joy. Brexit? More like Brentry. It is the next step in my mission to bring Sir Edmond Gin to every corner of the world. Sure, there will be some obstacles to overcome – and that is exactly what I will do. Because if life is a game of poker, I’m all in.