Enjoy Sir Edmond Gin at the airport


hose hours at the airport don’t have to be wasted on aimlessly walking around or dozing off in an uncomfortable chair. No more! We have teamed up with Gebr. Heinemann to make Sir Edmond Gin available at multiple European airports, so how about a relaxing drink to start off your holiday in style?

Avid travellers spend many long hours waiting around in airports. Some wander the endless hallways or browse through the duty-free shops, others sit down for a bit of quality time with their smartphone, book or magazine. That got us thinking: what if we offered those globetrotters the opportunity to turn their travel time into gin time? Wouldn’t that mean we can offer them the best possible start of their journey, wherever it may go?

All we needed was an accomplice. An experienced company with an impressive track record in the travel retail category. Which we found in Hamburg: Gebr. Heinemann. Founded in 1879, this family company operates as a wholesaler and retailer in over ninety countries. Passion for trade is in their genes: CEO Max Heinemann represents the fifth generation. Gebr. Heinemann was exactly the master henchman we were looking for. And luckily, they were excited to go on a new, Bourbon vanilla infused adventure with us.

Sir Edmond Gin is already available at the Heinemann Tax Free stores on the airports of Berlin, Copenhagen and Hamburg. More airports will follow, as well as diplomatic stores, border shops and cruise lines. Want to treat yourself to our lovely liquid or suprise the person(s) you are visiting abroad with a present they can enjoy one drop at a time? Gebr. Heinemann has got your back when it comes to a rebellious kick-off to your journey.

Bon voyage!