The truth is in the adventure

In my Perfect Serve series, I will take you on a trip around the world in search of cocktail perfection. The first three parts were dedicated to The Clover Club, Free Bird and The Flower Next Door, the fourth part is an ode to orange…

As my most loyal followers know, I’m a rebellious bird with tropical sunshine running through my veins. You can’t blame me for thinking of palm trees and shimmering swimming pools as basic necessities of life. Imagine the shock when I landed in a cold orange kingdom, The Netherlands, where palm trees wither and swimming pools have roofs…

Yet somehow I was smitten by the warmth of the Dutch, so I set up camp in Amsterdam. The Up and Over is my little tribute to the country I came to love as my own. At the same time it serves as a note to self: only by getting high up in the sky and flying over the continents, did this gin journey happen. The truth is, as always, in the adventure.

Because of my migratory nature, the Up and Over is a truly international affair, with Dutch gin, Italian vermouth, French orange-flavoured liqueur and orange bitters from Trinidad and Tobago. Go on, treat yourself.


40 ml Sir Edmond Gin

40 ml Cocchi Barolo Vermouth

7 ml Grand Marnier

2 dashes of Angostura Orange Bitters






Stir and strain, garnish with orange zest