From distillery Herman Jansen to your glass


reating gin takes patience. When six botanicals are involved, balance is key. Our distillation and infusion process is time-consuming for a reason: we want our bottles to contain the best possible spirit. Let us show you how it’s done…

Sir Edmond Gin is made in Schiedam, The Netherlands, by one of the best distilleries in the world: Herman Jansen. The family business started in 1777 and has been distilling, bottling and selling outstanding spirits ever since.

The creation of our Bourbon vanilla infused gin didn’t happen overnight. Before the first bottles of Sir Edmond rolled off the production line, countless combinations of ingredients were tested. A full year of talking with master distillers and having samples made eventually resulted in the perfect recipe.

Eight weeks. That’s how long it takes to craft the smoothest and most refined gin imaginable with nothing but natural ingredients and high-quality alcohol. Instead of trying to put the process into words, we headed over to Herman Jansen to capture the magic on camera. The distillation of the juniper, angelica root, ginger, cardamom and cinnamon. The infusion of the Bourbon vanilla. The blending. The bottling. All steps necessary to end up with the rebellious spirit that we love and cherish are there for you to watch. Enjoy!