Step into a dream called Sweet Liberty

Man, how I love Miami. Whenever I fly in and spot the skyline, my feathers automatically turn to a brighter shade of pink. The palm trees, the endless beaches, the sun – they make me feel at home. My favourite hideout? That’s got to be Sweet Liberty.

‘Bouncin’ in the club where the heat is on / All night, on the beach till the break of dawn.’ As enticing as Will Smith’s Miami is, it doesn’t tell the whole story of this vibrant city. The people of Miami know how to party, sure, but ‘Magic City’ is also an important cultural, commercial and financial hub that attracts birds from all walks of life.

They all mingle at Sweet Liberty on the corner of Liberty Ave and 20th St, close to The Bass Museum for Art. Established only three years ago in Miami Beach, the newcomer quickly made a name for itself as the number one cocktail bar in town. Conceived by award-winning bartender John Lermayer, bar manager Dan Binkiewicz and restaurateur David Martinez, Sweet Liberty’s drinks and food menu ranges from simple to sophisticated.

So what’s it gonna be: a Budweiser or a glass of Krug Grande Cuvee? A classic Daiquiri or a Velvet Sideswipe? A Cuban Sandwich or Swordfish Tacos? Sweet Liberty gives you the freedom to choose whatever you want and make memories with whomever you please. It’s American hospitality at its best. So, next time your plane touches down at Miami International Airport, here’s what you do: hail a cab, say ‘Sweet Liberty, please’, and order a Collins Park and some oysters twenty minutes later. Miami is yours, baby.