One sweet surprise to rule them all

Lovers, we need to talk about Valentine’s Day. This year, set your reservations about the ‘Hallmark holiday’ aside and make a toast. To togetherness, to future or present happiness – to a four letter word that says it all.

Of course you don’t need a fixed date to show the most special person in the world how you feel, but it sure helps to get an utterly spectacular evening going. Want to astonish your baby, honey, pumpkin, or whatever silly nickname you gave your better half with a sweet surprise? Stock up on Sir Edmond Gin here, study my recipes there, and make it happen: your very own private cocktail night.

Put on your lover’s favourite record (unless it’s death metal – that might kill the mood), lighten up the room with a few dozen candles, and release your inner bartender. I suggest The Free Bird for a passion-fueled evening, The Flower Next Door for sweet lovin’, and Top Gun Company when you want to get into trouble… The choices are plenty and fully yours. I know, in a perfect relationship every day is Valentine’s Day. But the 14th of February is Valentine’s Day just a little bit more.