And why we should protect endangered species


ife without animals is impossible to imagine. Wouldn’t Earth be a very strange place with just us humans? We owe a lot to all those fascinating creatures we share a planet with, whether they live in our home or on a different continent.

Everyone who lives with (or has lived with) a pet knows the companionship they offer. Whether it’s a dog, cat, rabbit or parrot, once a relationship takes shape, it’s easy to forget how different we are. Animals have the ability to make us look at the world through their eyes, just by existing and following their instincts. There are lessons to be learned, you just have to be willing to recognise them.

The same goes for wildlife. Although it’s not advisable to try and build a personal relationship with a pack of lions or a herd of rhinos, we can still feel a deep connection with them. Not only do their appearance and behaviour spark fascination and admiration, these wild animals also fulfil a unique role in the ecosystem of which they are part. Which is exactly why they deserve our constant attention and conservation efforts.

The staff of the African Wildlife Foundation considers it their duty to protect endangered species and African heritage. The Kenya based charity has been active for more than sixty years, trying to answer an important question: how do we negotiate space for the species in a modernising Africa? And how can the AWF help African leaders to strike the balance between development and conservation? In the end, it’s a global challenge; although many species can only be found in Africa, wildlife belongs to the entire world. That’s why we proudly support the AWF by making a contribution for every bottle of gin we sell.

Would you like to help protect those beautiful but vulnerable animals? Just go to their website and donate, either once or through a monthly gift. You can also support the cause by ordering a bottle of Sir Edmond Gin here.